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Local cable advertising offers commercial breaks in all the hottest TV brands in America today. From high profile sports to news, music and home improvement…Local cable advertising delivers your customers to your door. It's targeted advertising at its best.
Furthermore, Local Cable advertising can reach current and new customers in specific geographic areas:

  • These areas can correspond to a "zone," i.e., (an area adjacent to a location where most customers come from) or a "demographically concentrated area" (where many households have similar demographic characteristics such as age, income, occupation or lifestyle).
  • With local cable advertising you can have your name and location appear in commercials in desired locations.
  • Cable advertising also has the ability to reach potential customers by using "targeted" programming (news, sports, children's, documentaries, home improvement, etc.) with an audience of similar demographic characteristics.

National Cable television offers advertisers the ability to air their commercials across the country in the most sought after homes on some of the most exciting entertainment brands available today. Cable continues to attract consumers with programming that speaks to their needs and interests like no other media vehicle.
National Cable is a great opportunity today as viewers continue to migrate to Cable television at record levels.

  • In just the last four years there has been a major shift in the share of viewing now tipping the scales from the Broadcast networks to Ad-supported Cable networks across virtually all viewing targets in virtually every day-part.
  • Cable ratings continue to grow throughout this TV season at the expense of broadcast which is showing across-the-board declines.
  • Cable regularly outperforms all other sources of TV in viewer-ship, program quality and diversity.
  • One-week Cable Reach is now at parity across all major buying demos and depending on target has even surpassed broadcast's capabilities.
  • The targeted reach and impact of cable make it a media investment capable of producing the strongest possible payback.



Internet Video Clip Advertising

Yourtownmall offers targeted television-like local commercial advertising on 72,000 American and Canadian websites using its multimedia streaming capabilities to insert rich media ads into on-demand streaming content.
Local internet advertisers can have their ad played before or after the broadcast of any video from a website within their geographical area in a format similar to television advertising, something people have been trained by television to complacently watch.
This service is ideal for companies that cannot afford the high cost of advertising on broadcast or cable television.

Internet Banner Advertising
Yourtownmall offers targeted local banner advertising on 72,000 American and
Canadian websites. The most visible advertising slot is the Spotlight Corner, the first thing a visitor sees

Online Coupons program
The coupons program is for merchants who only need to offer a few coupons. Coupons can be bar-coded with a merchant or manufacturer scan line, and the merchant controls the setup of coupons.

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