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about us

Yourtownmall Business Advantage Inc. started in 2002 as IP Solutions Group Inc. Initially the primary focus was to offer Internet services that integrated with Point of Sale terminals. As the company evolved management decided to expand and modify its product and services to meet the needs of its acquired customer base.Yourtownmall Business Advantage Inc. has expanded over the years through customer acquisitions and direct sales. This approach has been fueling the growth of the company. The companies mission is to offer quality products and services to our customers.We aim to help our` customers to increase their "bottom line". Our team is dedicated to taking over tasks that allows our customer's to focus on the main aspects of their business.

Our suite of products includes:

  • Office Supplies (with savings of 10% to 70%)
  • Commercial Printing Services
  • Marketing and Sales Services
  • Promotional Products
  • Payment Processing
  • traditional,government & web based
  • Media and Advertising
  • TV,Radio, Internet,Outdoor
For "that" personal touch please contact us toll free at: 800.599.2867
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Your Town Mall Business Advantage, Inc.
(800) 599 – 2867 ext. 133